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About G B Tours

G. Me. Torres is a private company that is very Founded in 1943, started out as a small company with tax per mini-buses and grew until it became a two companies Parent company Ji. Me. Tours Ltd., which provides public transportation services . And the subsidiary Jay. Me. Tourist services Ltd, which provides services for special trips, tours, transportation of enterprises, inbound tourism and domestic tourism. G. Me. Tours currently operates 18 public transportation lines serving residents of Nazareth and the surrounding area. G. Me. Tourist Services Ltd. provides transportation services to factories in the region, special trips and trips to schools, institutions and families including auxiliary services such as person-nights, entrances to sites, security guards, paramedics, etc. We are in the company of G. Me. We are proud of the service that our clients provide to the public Passengers and the population of the region, in the new and luxurious buses that we provide, And with courteous and skilled drivers with safe driving on the road and a pleasant and quiet ride to all Length of the road. Most importantly, this is the warm attitude you receive when you enter and visit the