The tariffs reform in public transportation: (as of 1.1.2016) Links from the Ministry of Transport:

  1. Maps and tariffs, the Haifa and northern metropolis.
  2. Maps and tariffs, the eastern Galilee region, the Golan and the Sea of ​​Galilee.
  3. Maps and Tariffs, Beit She'an and Afula.
  4. Questions and answers.
  5. Information materials: Haifa and North Leaflets.
  6. Information materials: Bulletin of the Eastern Galilee, the Golan Heights and the Sea of ​​Galilee (with the metropolis of Haifa and the North).
  7. Information materials: Beit She'an and Afula (with Haifa and Northern Metropolis). Say, combine, passenger now a citizen could purchase a subscription drive zones and to travel, much as he wants, within the region or other regions, all public transport chosen, separately or in combination. Instead of paying for each means of transportation separately. What is the Metropolitan (Regions) method?

The system distributes the public transportation map to 4 metropolitan areas: Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beersheba.

Each metropolitan area is divided into 3 central ring rings (ring 1), which includes the main city and its surroundings, where most trips are made, and sub-rings (3 + 2) that include several sub-regions, further away from the city center. For the region, purchase a subscription that "covers" the selected area (s).

There are three types of subscribers:

  1. Daily subscription: Free travel subscription valid for the day of purchase only, from the beginning of the service until the end of the service included in the subscription. Bus, train, light rail, matron suit according to the chosen area.
  2. Weekly Subscription / Flexible 7: Free travel subscription, valid for one week from date of purchase. The validity of the subscription is 7 days from date of purchase, both through the operators and by train purchase.
  3. Free monthly "30": subscription to free bus and / or train travel. The validity of the subscription is for a calendar month from the 1st of the month until the end of the month (purchase via public transportation, can be purchased from the 25th of the month).
  4. It is still possible to buy a ticket for a 90-minute long-distance commute, allowing the passage of lines (bus lines only at this stage), as exists today.
  5. Old contracts that will be possible for sale after the reform begins:
  1. Common lines:
  2. 907 for price
  3. 908
  4. 911
  5. GBI Tours:
  6. Code 3
  7. Code 10
  8. It is still possible to purchase a paper ticket for a single trip Transition option.
  9. There will be no changes in the number of lines and routes
  10. The citizens will continue to receive the existing discounts and eligibility (eligibility must be updated to the personal profile at the service center of the "

What is accumulated value: * A new travel arrangement that enables the charging of a multi-currency ticket to travel throughout the metropolis * The "accumulated value" arrangement can be used for any required travel throughout the Haifa and the valleys metropolitan areas . And an incremental discount depends on the station of the previous trip to the next boarding station according to the reduction table of the desired fare according to the two-hour price table. * The arrangement preserves all existing benefits * Used as a replacement for the tab and as an alternative to charging several travel arrangements at different rates


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